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Get your hands on the best commercial investment property with excellence and expertise of Fairdeal consultants.

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Smart Property

Leveraging years of expertise, advanced proprietary tools and infrastructure to present an assorted property portfolio matching your budget and investment requirements. We help investors with crucial insights to new hot spots in the city, suburb performance, tried and tested investment strategies, tax regulations and legal updates.

Loan And Financing

Quick loan and financing arrangements leveraging the understanding of market dynamics to offer the best deals. At Fairdeal our experts find the most competitive interest rate with minimal paperwork, longer tenure and easy repayment options to fast track and streamline your investment process.

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Deal Finalization &
Documentation Support

Ensuring zero-risk transactions through extensive scrutinization of legal property ownership documents and eliminating any risks or complications before greenlighting. Finding a reputed  and trustworthy legal consultant, attending meetings, document verification, etc. can be extensively time consuming. At Fairdeal, our building consultants take care of the administrative and documentation tasks associated with deal finalization and closure.

Investment Options

Fractional ownership is the next big trend in the investment industry. Invest in high-yield commercial properties with Fair Deal guidance and enjoy great ROI via fractional property investment. We make it simple for commercial property investors by offering a myriad of opportunities through a single platform.

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Explore and grab the best opportunity to invest in the best commercial properties in versatile sectors. Fairdeal experts combine research-based market analytics with a robust track record of excellence to develop powerful commercial property investment and recovery strategies, expedite sales and acquisitions and proactively manage assets to achieve greater performance and generate better returns.


Explore several loan portfolios and developer-owned commercial properties and get exclusive access to commercial mortgages. In loan acquisition you’ll require several documentation for loan approval. We make this process streamlined with our extensive network of lender institutions for simplifying your entire commercial property investment process.

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Sale & Leaseback

Insightful evaluation with best current market knowledge to get the best value during commercial property sale and leasing it back from the property buyer to optimize your capital management. With our sale and leaseback services you can unlock the complete value of your commercial property, enjoy affordable rental payment options than loan repayment and get customizable lease terms.

Investment Sale

Sell commercial assets leveraging real-time pricing of the debt & equity markets to strengthen pricing and closure certainty. Fairdeal experts have the relevant experience, professional training, and advanced tools to help you sell your commercial property, negotiate the best price, and get the professional consultation you require to feel great about the sale of your asset.

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real estate consultants in mumbai

Asset Monetisation

Uncover new and lucrative revenue sources by unlocking the value of your vacant or underutilized commercial assets. Our experts are trained and uniquely capable of customizing each asset monetization solution based on your specific and requirements of every transaction. Fairdeal property consultants deftly manage the entire commercial property asset monetization process for mazimizing realized value of your property.

Commercial Property Investments

Retail property investment

Retail Property

Data-based market analysis to understand the impacts of emerging online shopping trends and finding the best retail properties for maximum ROI. Get access to premium retail assets at high-end, lucrative locations. Get insightful consultation on financing and other creative approaches to ensure a successful retail investment strategy. Upgrade your retail property to align with the ever-evolving experiential and consumer-driven retail paradigm.

Industrial Investment

From factories and warehouses to state-of-the-art research and development spaces, Fairdeal offers  the best industrial properties to strengthen your commercial investment portfolio. Invest, lease and manage industrial spaces, and get expert consultation on supply chain advice. Leverage data-driven insights to understand your logistics requirements and strategize a plan to minimize transportation expenses, optimize product flow, & create immersive customer experiences.

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Office Space

Discovering and selecting commercially zoned property at a convenient location for assured capital growth. With Fairdeal consultation, get strategic investment insights and stay on top of market trends to deliver the kind of space that today’s entrepreneurs, business owners and employees crave. Valuations advisory helps you gauge the potential of your office space assets.

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