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Powered by robust market research teams, Fairdeal specializes in conceptualizing and seamlessly executing scalable warehouse leasing and sales solutions and assets management to deliver ROI, and analyze acquisition economics.

commercial office for sale
industrial warehouse space


Industrial spaces, either single-storey or multi-leveled, are crafted to store goods and inventory featuring large, well-planned units, loading docks, parking spaces for easy loading and unloading. Ideal industrial solutions for  manufacturers, wholesale business, exporters, importers, e-commerce businesses, etc.


Manufacturing and primary storage and distribution centers located at a distance from cities offering spacious solutions for large, heavy-industrial manufacturing such as automobiles, food & beverage, drug manufacturing and medium-manufacturing including packaging, daily essentials, etc.

warehousing space for rent
warehousing space for rent

Cold Storage

Scientifically designed storage spaces to accommodate large amounts of food products, pharmaceutical stocks under refrigerated or temperature-controlled conditions for extensive duration. Perfect for packaged and raw food businesses, high-end large scale restaurants or chain food stores with independent storage inventory, dairy items distributors, etc.

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