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Immaculate Retail Spaces
Situated In High-Foot Traffic Hotspots

Supported by an expansive network of real estate professionals and property owners, Fairdeal streamlines your retail leasing requirements by developing customized strategies for presenting leasing opportunities aligned with your business needs and budget.


Well-designed, traditionally conceptualized and small retail stores crafted with minimal designs and offering highly-economic options for small and local businesses including local drugstore businesses, Mom & Pop shops, local merch sellers, etc.

High Street shops & outlets

Luxury spaces crafted with a balance of aesthetic appeal and functionality. Specifically conceptualized to serve as an exclusive store for a particular business or brand with a selected range of items primarily focused on high customer satisfaction.

Restaurants & Hospitality

Highly-functional, elaborate, appealing commercial retail spaces featuring one or multiple floors, dedicated kitchen and utility areas, reception, common spaces, pools, meeting spaces, dining areas, located at city and travel hotspots perfect for hotel, chain/franchise food businesses and individual luxury hospitality centers.

Healthcare Spaces

Multi-storeyed buildings exclusively crafted to provide healthcare services featuring dedicated rooms, strategically crafted spaces, reception, waiting rooms and much more ideal for hospitals, clinics, wellness centers, etc.


Extensive spacious commercial spaces exclusively crafted to accommodate several retail stores, food outlets, movie theater and other utility shopping stores under one roof situated at convenient locations.

Supermarket Spaces

Enormous to mid-sized retail spaces with highly organized structures and strategized department layout catering to accommodate several categories of daily requirement supplies including grocery, daily essentials, apparels, etc.

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