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We all will agree with the statement that every city has a personality of its own. Some cities like holding on to their colonial-era structure and medieval-era values while other metros adapt and advance along the changing times. Such cities stand a greater chance to win against the test of time and attract new-age people to come and work in their areas and eventually settle with them.

Millennials born before 2000, in their late twenties now are looking for a metro city to settle in long term. One that can offer them great work opportunities and a higher quality of life.

Here is a list of the top 4 millennial-friendly metro cities that offer amazing infrastructural and job opportunities:

The Capital City of Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India, owing to which it stands at the brink of technological advancement and infrastructural development in the country. It is also home to some of the best schools, malls, shopping complexes, bazaars, colleges, and workspaces in the country.

Even today, people from all states, educational and cultural backgrounds are pouring into the city as it has the most lucrative business and job opportunities to offer. Until a few years ago, traveling within the city or commuting to work was a struggle due to the high number of two-wheelers and three-wheelers on the road. With the arrival of the Delhi Metro and its vast spread of connectivity within the city, the “traffic issue”  has been relatively solved. For the uninitiated, the Delhi metro has been found to be one of the most efficient and accessible metro services in the world!

The NCR areas in Delhi’s vicinity i.e., Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida, and Ghaziabad have flourished and witnessed industrial, commercial & residential real estate development.

First-class infrastructure facilities, well-planned & developed residential areas, and a properly functioning transportation system allow Delhi to be appointed as the top metro city for millennials.

The City of Dreams: Mumbai

We call Mumbai by a variety of names, the city of dreams, a city that never sleeps, the land of Bollywood, the fashion capital of the country, or the economic capital of India. In its crux, Mumbai is where the wealthiest of the country live. The city features some of the most remarkable commercial real estate and residential real estate properties. The city also boasts of both, a serene nightlife by marine drive and a vibrant one by the eclectic clubs.

The Mumbai local which is also known as the lifeline of Mumbai, eases down the woes of transportation for Mumbai residents. These local trains are convenient, cheap, and an efficient mode of reaching far-off places within the city or to its nearby areas.

Mumbai is a hub for showbiz, fashion, and several other creative industries. It has ample growth opportunities and infrastructural benefits to offer to its residents.

The Student Capital of India: Pune

Pune is a dream city for Indian families with students pursuing higher education. The city is home to IIT, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Gokhale Institute, Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, FLAME University, and Deccan College.

Besides sponsoring an educational environment, Pune also offers a Vibrant Job Market. Tata Motors, Bajaj Auto, Mahindra, GE, Volkswagen, LG Electronics, Godrej, Samsung Electronics, Whirlpool, and Nestle are just some big names that have their manufacturing plants in Pune. So if you choose Pune to be your city of choice, you’ll be pleased with the opportunities it has to offer.

In addition to this, the quality of life in Pune is noteworthy. It offers its residents vibrant outdoors, clean air, and fun excursions like the Imagica World amusement park. The infrastructural and accommodation facilities available in the city are also exceptional.

The Silicon Valley of India: Bangalore

For IT enthusiasts, living and working in Bangalore is their best-case scenario. There are a plethora of reasons why Bangalore is one of the best cities for millennials to relocate to like its vibrant urban culture, great job & business opportunities, excellent infrastructure, and not to mention,  pleasant weather throughout the year.

In the Ease of Living Survey conducted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Bangalore has been named the Most Livable City in the Country. The residential properties in Bangalore are relatively affordable and are suitable for people with different budget levels. Plus the city has gone through a major infrastructural makeover in recent times which makes it a top choice with the younger crowd.

While the city offers you some of the best in-country hospitals, schools, colleges, and excursion sites, it also helps you get a job that matches your skill, interest, talent, and education.

These are the top 4 cities for millennials to choose from when making a decision on relocation and settling. While all these cities come with their own perks, they have their cons too and one should always do a 360-degree analysis of the city before making ‘any moves’.

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